Running to work is booming across the planet and is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. What does this mean for the workday commute and your employee mobility?

Many time-starved professionals struggle to juggle everything. Between family, work and exercise it can be hard to keep everything going.

“An ever-increasing number of professionals getting their daily run in on the way to and from work.”

It can be a great way for employees to train if they are preparing for a long-distance race. Others are just looking for a daily dose of endorphins.

How can you make run commuting to work the new norm for your office?

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All forms of active commutes need effective facilities. These enable employees to feel and look presentable in the workplace.

Do you have the changing rooms to allow people to shower and refresh after their morning commute? Do you have lockers or private storage space? Providing the necessary amenities makes it easier for staff to make running a habit.

Office Workouts:

Fitness is a barrier when it comes to running. For unfit staff, run commutes dont seem an option even if their proximity to the workplace allows it.

“Creating regular office workouts for staff is a great way to help them get into and stay in shape.”

More importantly, it can get employees enjoying their exercise again. This puts them on the pathway towards a more active commute such as running.

Healthcare Perks:

Pounding the pavements is great for the mind and body in many ways. Yet running can take a toll on the body if not done under the right instruction.

Nothing restricts an employee running to work like a festering. Can your company support employees to work with physiotherapists to overcome any issues? This can be done either through subsidy, health insurance or in-house physio schemes.

Cultural Shift:

One of the biggest barriers around running to work comes from workplace culture. Habits such as being online late in the evening have a knock on impact.

Many companies have a culture where you come to work and do your day’s work. For others when you head home, you are expected to logon to do another couple of hours of work.

This workplace culture is not conducive to runners for one simple reason. It’s a nightmare to run with a laptop bag strapped to your back!

Is take up still low around running to work? It’s probably time to start a discussion on your office culture.

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