Reduce carbon footprint like Neueda

Learn how software delivery provider Neueda leveraged ParkOffice to decrease the amount of staff driving to work by over 50%.


Neueda is a global software delivery company with clients including Citibank & J.P. Morgan.


Moving to a new office with less parking. Flexible workforce with no predictable pattern of office usage. Concerns around environmental impact of commuters.


ParkOffice’s booking management, revenue and sustainability features.


Reduced car commuting by 50%. Eliminated 8 hours of parking admin per week. Automated management of flexible workforce.

About Neueda

Neueda is a software delivery company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a client base including Citibank, J.P. Morgan and numerous government agencies. Neueda employs 220 staff, with roughly 50% of all staff working off-site at any given time.

About Problem

Neueda’s problem was three-fold.

They were moving offices from a business park with plentiful employee parking to a more modern office building with only 30 parking spaces. Neueda were worried that managing parking privileges in the new office would become incredibly political leaving both an administrative burden and employee dissatisfaction.

The high level of flexible working meant that different people were coming to the office every day. Managing who could get access to the staff car park and when was going to be a logistical nightmare.

Neueda’s leadership team were also concerned with their company's carbon footprint. Roughly 70 staff were driving to work every day despite good public transport links around the office. Neueda had tried to encourage sustainable travel choices but were struggling to see real results.

“Communicating with people around whether they have a parking spot or not has made a massive difference in allowing people to plan alternative ways to get to work”
- Chris Clarke

About Solution

ParkOffice provided Neueda with a complete solution.

Using ParkOffice, Neueda were able to identify employees with personal mobility or health issues and able to guarantee them parking daily whenever they needed it.

All other employees were allowed to book space in the car park when they needed it. The ParkOffice algorithm allocated the remaining space on a weekly basis ensuring that all space was distributed fairly.

Neueda also integrated their barrier system with ParkOffice meaning that only staff members with relevant bookings were allowed to access the car park on any given day.

Using ParkOffice’s sustainability features Neueda decided to introduce a daily charge to use the office parking facilities. All profits are being donated to local charities.

“With the flexibility that Neueda offers its staff around working from home up to 3 days a week, we needed a solution that would allow us to manage employee parking in a world where different people are coming to the office every day”
- Chris Clarke

Key Benefits

  • Automated the management of parking privileges for a remote workforce.

  • Reduced car commuting by over 50%.

  • Cut down on inefficient real estate spend around employee parking.

  • Eliminated 8 hours a week of employee parking administration.

  • Ensured parking didn’t become a big issue during the office move.

  • Allowed all staff access to the employee car park when they really need it.

“ParkOffice has been key in helping us to reduce our employee dependency on driving to work. By introducing simple concepts like minimal charges and automated communication we’ve really managed to make a stronger contribution around sustainability”
- Chris Clarke

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