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Manage Occupancy

Offices are busy places, between holidays, meetings, illness and work travel, no two days will have the same staff in the building. This can result in empty spaces in the car park while other staff are paying for parking elsewhere. ParkOffice allows employee to take responsibility for their space, ensuring more people can park in less space.

Fair Allocation

Seniority, length of service, distance travelled, health, previous usage, carpooling every company allocates their space differently. Our cutting edge algorithm allows you to create new or automate existing parking policy. Ensuring real-time allocation of spaces which are not being used to the next person in line.

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Real-Time Management

ParkOffice is a fully automated product, however, companies can monitor or change anything in real-time using their dedicated management dashboard.

Integrate With Existing Systems

ParkOffice can be setup in a matter of minutes and can integrate seamlessly with existing parking systems, allowing people to enter and exit from their phone. For bigger companies, ParkOffice works across multiple sites.

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Key Benefits

Maximise Occupancy

Use technology to redistribute under-used spaces which are empty because of staff absences.

Reduce Costs

Move away from expensive parking rental agreements and staff parking costs by reducing wasted spaces and increasing utilisation.

Increase Staff Morale

Boost employee happiness by making it easier to get to work, incentivise staff to travel smarter and get to work easier.

Promote Sustainability

Support staff to travel more responsibly and plan their commute.

Create Transparency

Ensure a culture of responsible parking by introducing a fair and automated parking system.

Increase Automation

Stop spending precious time managing staff parking, let ParkOffice do the work for you.


How do staff gain access if there is a barrier?

If an office car park has a barrier or gate which requires a code or fob to enter, ParkOffice can install a small piece of equipment which seamlessly integrates with the system which allows staff to enter and exit using their phone. Staff would simply need to:


Log Into The App

Go To Their Booking

Press Enter To Open The Gate


Only staff with allocated space will be allow to enter and the app can open the gate for a period of time defined by the company.

What if a staff member arrives and someone is in their space?

If a staff members arrives and someone is in their space, they can message the owner of the car by entering their car registration. This will notify the owner of the car and the appropriate designated staff member of the mistake. They will then be allocated of an alternative in real-time if a spare space is available.

Can staff allocate spaces to each other?

If a staff member who has been designated a parking space decides not to use the space, they are not able to choose who receives the spot. This defeats the purpose of fair allocation. However, designated admins can override the system at any time.

When do staff find out if they have been allocated a space?

It depends on your company preferences, you schedule daily, weekly or monthly emails asking staff what their requirements and ParkOffice does this the rest.

Can you guarantee certain staff space every time?

Yes, certain staff can be guaranteed space all the time, it is up to them to release the spaces if they are not using them.

How do you allocate spaces fairly?

ParkOffice has a cutting edge algorithm which allows you to weight the factors which are important to your parking. Companies can weight the importance of:


  • Seniority
  • Distance to travel
  • Length of service
  • Health
  • Previous usage
  • Other


The algorithm then calculates which staff members are due parking. The beauty of ParkOffice is that it takes previous usage habits into account, so if a staff member only requests a space once a year, they will be much more likely to receive than the staff member who is looking for parking every day.

How does guest parking work?

Upon set up you have the option of setting up a guest zone, staff can then log applications for visitors using their email. When a spot is available, guests will be sent an email with directions and instructions.

If staff has not been allocated parking on a particular day can they request parking again?

When someone doesn’t receive a parking spot, they are placed on a waiting list and may receive a spot if a spot is released by a designated user.


Yes- you will be given a spot but only if someone has released it – so say someone that has a spot leaves early they would release the spot and that would go into the daily pool.

Why do some staff members parking requests always seem to be rejected?

Based on the parking criteria you have setup, certain parking members may be ranked very lowly. If you feel they should be parking more often, you should review your criteria.

How does a staff member cancel a booking?

Simply login to their account and cancel or alternatively go to the confirmation email and click the link.



ParkOffice is a workplace parking solution that solves the pain of office parking created by Parkpnp. Parkpnp specialises in providing software solutons to the parking industry. With decades of combined parking solutions experience, the team has developed payment, automation and management solutions for some of Europe’s largest and most prestigious parking companies. In 2018, Parkpnp launched ParkOffice to solve the varied problems of workplace parking.

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