There are many factors impeding your organisation’s ability to reduce car usage. Here are some common mistakes employers make when rolling out new employee transportation options.

1. Irregular Communication

When transitioning to more sustainable transportation habits, you are changing entrenched behavioural patterns. This doesn’t happen overnight, change is gradual.

“A big mistake companies make is failing to give travel schemes a consistent focus”

To deliver change, ensure you place employee transportation benefits front and centre.

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2. Failure To Engage Employees

Just because you know something, doesn’t mean anybody else does. Companies who are excellent at employee engagement often struggle with travel schemes.

“For best results, complement bigger awareness campaigns with personal touchpoints.”

In smaller companies, conduct an annual mobility review with each staff member. In bigger companies, ensure questions around employee mobility are included in annual reviews.

3. Short-Term Thinking

It’s great to aim for the stars. Yet, mobility transformation is not a short-term game. Don’t get disheartened if you have a company with 500 people and only 5 new people have opted to start cycling. If you replicate these results year on year, you’ll find your organisation getting to a good place.

4. Indecision By Committee

Building a network of internal champions to build support for schemes is key.

“Avoid rule committee. Establish clear roles and responsibilities for these groups.”

The last place you want to be is needing cross-departmental buy-in every time you want to make a small change. If this happens, your committees will start spending your budget like it is their budget. This often results in people pulling in all directions.

5. Poor Employee Consultation

Changing mobility habits can be an emotive issue. People don’t like change. A key to success is bringing people on the journey with you. Make sure your staff is educated on the positive impact of the mobility scheme changes.

Communicate employee benefits and how practical the transition will be, while relating to their frustrations. The alternative is managing a constant backlash from employees worried about the unknown.

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