Facilities management expert Adam Fahn discusses whose responsible for managing employee car parks

The question of who is responsible for managing office car parks comes up again and again. We’ve all worked in places where facilities, security, admin, HR & landlords have all taken differing levels of responsibility for managing what goes on in the car park. Is there a best practice of who is in charge of what?

We’re joined this week by Facilities Management Consultant Adam Fahn to discuss this exact question. With over 15 years experience working in this space for some of the biggest FM companies in the world, Adam brings a great insight to the conversation having worked for clients of all shapes and sizes with differing parking problems.

Key topics covered include:
– The functions in a business which are responsible for different factors which go into managing an employee car park.
– The rising role of technology in facilities management.
– A look at some of the common parking problems and how to solve them.

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