Transport Planner Khaoula Morchid discusses the impact COVID is having on how people are getting to work

Transport planners have a massive impact on the life of the average commuter with many of us not even realizing. These are the people who decide when roads need to be widened, bus routes need to be moved and public transport needs to be built.

Planners like to use datasets and forecasts to ensure all decisions are backed up by substantive information. However, what happens when datasets become practically irrelevant overnight and a whole industry has to go back to the drawing board?

Joining us to discuss the impact of COVID on transport planning is Khaoula Morchid, an alumnus of AECOM and current MBA Candidate at Harvard. Key discussions points include:

  • The traditional role of transport planner and how they engage with corporates.
  • The impact of COVID on transport planning and what this means for returning to the office.
  • A long-term view on how commuting will evolve into the future.

Check out the full conversation here:

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